Design Exercises

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Low Cost and Emergency Housing Module

"Humanitarian housing must mean more than respite from apocalypse dodging; it should nurture the life experiences that enrich, be built around systems that not only beat back death, but which foster life. We can envision housing solutions that cherish self reliance, agency and hope – lead by civil society, normalising engagement with rather than alienation from those most in need. "

Workshop Design Proposals

MCH 2019 Part 1 - Pakistan


MCH Part 2 - Jordan


MCH 2019 Part 3 - Colombia


These are open source designs. Kindly send us a message if you need design Files and Syllabus. We are keenly interested in collaborations with Faculty, Architects and Builders to build a open source library of Humanitarian Housing camp and habitation design.

References Humanitarian Shelter.pdf

Getting started

Here is a MCH curated list of references and readings on Humanitarian Shelter Design.