A WhatsaAppable Story on Extreme Wealth.

I had been called in to give a small talk on climate change at my son’s Primary School to help student teams select topics for their annual ‘Exhibition.’ This year’s theme is the UN’s Global Goals.

We have seen these goals before under various guises and initiatives. As I discussed the solutions to achieving the Global Goals with the young children, I was stuck by how improbably fantastic and unreal the future looks compared with humanity’s current set of living arrangements.

Will these goals be completed by 2030? Will humanity be able to end extreme poverty, fix climate change and inequality ?

I want to share with you a compelling micro story borrowed from Science fiction’s outstanding Chinese Writer Cixin Liu. I worked with a illustrator to turn it into panels that could be WhatsApped to friends for a daily dose.

Samples of the first few panels are below. If you want to run this story to your whatsapp contacts and Sci-Fi Lovers, please contact me.

Extreme Wealth