MOOC fetcher

Terrific invention ! I cant get enough of MOOCs. They make so much sense that its scary.

According to the HBR "....our findings suggest that people from developing countries more frequently report benefits from taking MOOCs and, also in developing countries, people with lower socioeconomic status and with less education are more likely to report benefits. It appears that MOOCs are tangibly helping people who take the time and effort to complete courses."

In any case personally getting to do an online course for me in Shimla is a bit of a drag. The downloads are slow. I may not be able to sit in front of the computer to do it. Sometimes I just want to hear them while I am up and about..There are the last mile issues of infrastructure that are in the way... and the cell networks are already groaning under the weight of Indian subscribers.

My good pal Deepak Jois and I, both MOOC enthusiasts are trying to bridge this last mile gap with a bit of software that takes care of the bumps...

Watch this space !!

RUSA mooc presentation