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" Government and Citizen responsibilities. What are the limits ? Where does one end and the other begin? " 

I have historically been totally hopeless at lobbying local Govt in Shimla to get anything effective done at the community level either through the Municipal elected representative or directly. 

I can see the gridlock between the Municipal and State Govt officials ' political and personal ideologies crippling on the ground action. 

There are practical aspects of funding, inadequate untrained manpower, and the tug and pull of elected officials' aspirations and and their constituent needs that need to be generated from the same pool of Municipal and State resources that I am competing with as an individual... I don't stand a chance fighting that fight and it seems almost foolish to wait.

Emerging simultaneously, I see communities and individuals prosper, a visible generosity and giving to local development projects and activities.  Are communities willing and ready to take charge  of aspects of their development that traditionally were considered "Govt only " ?  

In the sub-menus below, I act on these challenges through my ongoing projects.